Strategic Planning. User Experience Design. Open Source Technologies. Creative Coding. Internet of Things. Mobile Device Bring Up. Mobile Photography. Emerging & Future Technologies.


Microsoft / Windows / Program Manager

Redmond, WA. September 2012 – Present

Shipped: Windows 8.1.

Invention: Predictive Prelaunch for Applications.

Projects: Windows Boot & UEFI. Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). Predictive Prelaunch. Task Scheduler.

Papers: Booting on SoC Platforms. Android Device Bring Up. Predictive Prelaunch Guidance. KB Article: 32-bit LBA in CSM Mode.

Highlights: Member UEFI Spec Working Group (USWG). Presented at UEFI Plug Fest 2014. Partner Engagement (App Developers, Intel, Qualcomm). Android Competitive Analysis. Feature Planning. Functional Specifications. Specification Reviews. Threat Modeling. API Design. Patent Contributions. Project Management. Documentation.

Microsoft / Windows Phone / Software Development Engineer

Redmond, WA. April 2009 – September 2012

Shipped: Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 7.5. Windows Phone 7.

Inventions: Smartphone Screen Color Temperature Correction Using Camera Sensor. Entry Points to Image-Related Applications in a Mobile Device. Camera Phone Touchscreen Shutter Button with Autofocus. Above-Lock Camera Access.

Projects: Media Storage API (C++, WinRT). Camera Capture Stack (C++). Camera Application (C++, Markup).

Highlights: Software Design & Development. User Experience Design. Debugging. Patent Contributions. Defensive Publications.

Microsoft / Live Labs / Software Development Engineer

Bellevue, WA. September 2007 – April 2009

Shipped: Live Labs Listas. Photosynth.

Projects: Storage Exchange Compression and P2P Network Components (C#, WCF, Service Bus). Political Streams Data Acquisition Service (C#, WCF). Mobile Client for Text-to-Speech Engine (C#, Windows Mobile). Live Search Image Grabber (C#). Image Manipulation Utility (C++). Listas Web Clipping (HTML, JavaScript). Photosynth Tests (C++).
Highlights: Software Design & Development. Debugging. Build System. Idea Generation. Project Proposals & Presentations. Hiring Process.

Microsoft / Content Access and Protection / Software Development Engineer in Test

Redmond, WA. January 2006 – September 2007

Shipped: PlayReady Porting Kit. Windows Vista. Windows Media Player.

Projects: PlayReady Functional Test Suites (C++). HD-DVD IOCTL Support for Windows Vista (C++). Windows Media Player 11 Manual Tests. Pro Audio Compatibility Manual Tests.

Highlights: Test Design & Development. Test Automation. Debugging Failures. Code Coverage. Certificate for Logging Most Documentation Bugs. Hiring Process.

Microsoft / SQL Server / Software Development Engineer in Test

Redmond, WA. November 2000 – January 2006

Shipped: SOAP Toolkit. JDBC Driver for SQL Server. SQL Server 2005. Windows XP x64. Windows Server 2003 x64. Windows Server 2003. .Net Framework 2.0. .Net Framework 1.1. .Net Framework 1.0.

Projects: ADO.Net Stress Test Suites (C#, ASP.Net). SOAP Toolkit Stress Test Suites (C++). SQL Server JDBC Stress Test Suites (Visual J++, Java). Stress Testing Tool for Java (JDK, Java). Stress Test Execution and Reporting Website (ASP.Net). Stress Results Reporting Service (SQL Server, ASP.Net). Stress Monitoring and Performance Data Collection Utility (C#, VBScript). Automatic Call Stack Analysis Tool (C#, VBScript). Client/Server Test Run Scheduler (SQL Server, ASP.Net, C++). Error Reporting Application Popup (Visual Basic).

Highlights: Test Design & Development. Test Automation. Test Framework Design & Development. Code Coverage. Build System. Data Reporting & Presentation. Hiring Process.

GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology / Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering / Computer Engineer

Topi, Swabi, Pakistan. December, 1998 – October, 2000

Assisted: Introduction to Computing. Systems Programming. Object Oriented Programming. Computer Graphics.

Highlights: Windows/Linux/UNIX System Administration. Teaching Assistant. Lab Content Design & Delivery. Project Advisor & Coordinator. Curriculum Design Intensive Programming Lab.

GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology / Faculty of Electronic Engineering / Intern

Topi, Swabi, Pakistan. November, 1997 – December, 1997

Projects: National Highway Authority Motorway Toll Collection System Documentation. Prototype Windows System Administration.

IBM / Intern

Islamabad, Pakistan. June, 1997 – July, 1997

Projects: Web Development (HTML). Web Server Configuration (RS/6000). Supreme Court of Pakistan Database Development (DB/2, OS/2, Visual Age Developer C++).

Highlights: Web Design. Customer Support. Presentations.


Microsoft / Training

Redmond, WA

Program Management at Microsoft. Insights Discovery Training. Scenario Focused Engineering. Security Training. Software Metrics. Estimation using Wideband Delphi and Planning Poker. Practical Design for Developers. Development at Microsoft for Expert Developers. Smart Hiring. Technical Peer Mentoring. Win32 Programming.

City University of Seattle / Doctor of Education in Leadership / Organizational Leadership

Seattle, WA. January, 2014 – Present

City University of Seattle / Master of Science / Computer Systems / Technology Management

Bellevue, WA. January, 2002 – July, 2004

Highlight: Certificate of Presidential Honors.

Papers: Endurance of the Global Threat of Software Piracy. Impact of Open Source Software on Computer Industry. Protecting a Computer Network from Hackers. Future of Wireless Networks in Enterprise. Enterprise Software Quality beyond Functional Testing. Microsoft’s Strategic Shift in the Slow Economy. Machines Supporting Infrastructures in IT Organizations. Information Technology Organizations within Academic Institutions. Platforms for Data Management Solutions. Managing Critical Updates for Operating Systems. Data Warehousing Trends in Microsoft SQL Server. System Security: Windows vs. Linux. Corel Corporation: Mistakes of Management in Decision Making Processes. Red Hat: Making Money from Open Source Software. E-Commerce Strategy: Microsoft bCentral. Comparative Case Study: IBM E-business & Microsoft bCentral.

Project: Student Course Registration and Scheduling System (SQL Server, ASP.Net).

GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology / Bachelor of Science / Computer System Engineering

Topi, Swabi, Pakistan. January, 1995 – January, 1999

Projects: Java-based Distributed File System with API (JDK, Java). User Interface for System Administration (K-Shell Script, AIX). Prototype of a Real Time Multitasking OS (C/Intel x86 Assembly). ActiveX Control to Access Hardware Ports (Visual C++). Cyber Mall for Internet Shopping (ASP). Port Forwarding and Telnet Software (Visual Café, Java). Simulation of Memory with Distributed Databases (Visual Basic). Parallel Image Averaging Using Task Farming (C/PVM, Linux). Extraction and Polygonal Approximation of Objects (C, Solaris). ABC Analysis and Classification of Items in Inventory (Visual Basic).

Highlights: Certificate for 2nd Place (High-level Programming) SoftZone Software Competition. Certificate for Paper Presentation at FAST IEEE Student Conference on CS & IT (FISC '98). Certificate for Sound Engineering & Co-Production of Stage Drama at Cultural & Dramatics Society Drama Festival. Editor Literary & Debating Society Magazine. Designer Prospectus 1996-97. Workshop on Visual Basic. Workshop on Security. Organizer Tennis Club.

Sadiq Public School/University of Cambridge / GCE / HSC / Advanced Level

Bahawalpur, Pakistan. January, 1993 – January, 1995

Sadiq Public School / University of Cambridge / GCE / SC / Ordinary Level

Bahawalpur, Pakistan. January, 1990 – January, 1993


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